Hey hey 👋
My name is Wildan Fauzy.
I'm an author, software developer, open source author, and anime fan.
I'm currently exploring the Passion Writing and am excited about building products that will help enable a more independent and fulfilling future of work.
I contribute to open source regularly on GitHub and am pretty active on Twitter.
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My Passion

I absolutely love to build.
Products, games, websites, tech demos — I love using my technical skills to build cool & interesting things.
In my spare time, I work on a lot of open source projects related to React, WebGL, TypeScript, computer graphics, web scraping, video editing, etc.
I specialize in generalizing.
What? Isn't that a bit contradictory?
Well, this actually describes me pretty well. I love being able to contribute value across different ladders of abstraction, all the way from the highest levels of market analysis and strategy down to the lowest levels of implementation details.
My core competency is full stack product development, but my focus on generalizing makes me an ideal early stage founder, as I'm adept at wearing many different hats and delivering tangible value across all of them.
Combining this passion with the right team and problem space is where you'll find me at my absolute best.